Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Cutting Edge

Released in 1992, The Cutting Edge is a high stakes drama about the pursuit of Olympic gold (though you and I both know there are some pretty funny moments in there too. Toe-pick, anyone?).
D.B. Sweeny and Moira Kelly light up the screen as the star-crossed love interests. They begin as total opposites, but realize that they just might have more in common than they think.
Oh, and John Locke from Lost plays Moira Kelly's dad. The movie ends with a surprise "twist" which wins the Olympic gold for Doug and Kate. Or maybe it doesn't. You actually don't ever find out if they win.


  1. Ha ha. I forgot about that line. Oh D.B. He rules.

    The Pamchenko twist, totally awesome.

    So what other movies are you going to review? I can't wait.

    Dante's Peak? Cabin Boy? Weekend at Bernie's?

  2. hey, remember my old roommate who watched this movie every single day oft times in her one piece yellow pajamas?

    that was awesome.

  3. Now this was a piece of theatre not to be missed and I haven't missed it ever when I see it on tv. It is one of my faves. And even tho we don't see eye to eye politcall, Val, we are "right on" with this movie. How it got snubbed by the Oscars, I will never know. "Toe Pick" is one of my favorite lines in all of moviedom with the exception of Scarlett saying "as God is my witness, I'll never go hungry again." Thanks for this wonderful review of one of the best movies ever made....Jan

  4. Oh, YEAH! This is so funny! I love this blog already and can't wait for more reviews!! I loved The Cutting Edge too:)

  5. I'm a closet cutting edge fan!


  6. I'm so glad to see so many fans come out of the woodwork. That is, essentially, the point of this blog. Good movies, good pals.

    Jan, we do see differently from time to time, but I feel like we're entering into a phase of sameness. The Cutting Edge is just the beginning.

    Devin, be ashamed no more. This is the Casablanca of our generation.