Sunday, March 2, 2008

Howard the Duck

Oh man, where do I begin? Ok, so Howard (the duck) comes to Earth by way of a laser beam in science experiment gone terribly wrong. He then rescues a rock star in distress named Beverly (played by the lovely Lea Thompson) from some goons and they become fast friends. This is really where the shenanigans begin because they must now must fight off the Dark Overlords that have invaded Earth and are after our hero, Howard (the duck). What happens next, you ask? well, to that I say "get yourself on Netflix and put it at the top of your queue!"
This movie, in my opinion is pretty brilliant. I would even go so far as to say it is one of the best films our good pal George Lucas has ever produced. I'll be honest and say I was pretty creeped out by the attraction that grows between Howard (the duck) and Beverly (the human). I mean, not only is he a duck, he's an alien duck and on top of that, he's a puppet. Lucky for you and me the movie is filled with hijinks and hilarity I mean c'mon, the duck smokes a cigar--hilarious.


  1. Wow, Annie, you really made this movie come alive for me again.
    I had actually forgotten a lot of key plot points, so, thanks for reminding me.
    And I just want to remind you that just becuase it's only me and you commenting back and forth to each other, and we could just as easily have this conversation on the phone or in person, doesn't make this blog any less important.
    Remember that.

  2. thanks val--i was feeling a little bit like people wouldn't find the importance in this blog, but you have renewed my faith that what we are doing is worth it.

  3. I paid for 5 years of college and a degree that leans towards Theatre to have you think that in some way Howard the Duck was really entertainment. Shame on you for even suggesting people waste NetFlix money on such a really bad movie. You are your father's daughter!! He would probably agree.

  4. Just to let everyone know this was Valerie's very favorite movie growing up. She watched it ALL the time. I was always really creeped out by it.

  5. Wow, thanks Annie. Thanks for selling me out like that. I told you that in confidence.