Monday, March 31, 2008

Steel Magnolias

(note: The first picture is the cast from the famous motion picture. The second is of some ladies who put on the play somewhere.)

We're already getting requests--I knew this blog would touch the lives of many, but I didn't know it would happen so quickly.
This movie is about ladies. Six of them. Two are related. It's about life because the characters are alive and Julia Roberts has a baby. It's about death because Julia Roberts dies.
My first acting experience was in this play. I played the part of Clairee my senior year of high school. I wasn't able to watch myself, but I think I can safely say I was awesome. Valerie was also in this play as Ouiser in our college's production. I didn't see it, but I'm pretty sure she rocked it.
Back to the movie--it's good. If you like big hair, pink, the south, and sassy old ladies then I think you could dig this movie.


  1. If you were to ballpark a figure of how many community theatre productions of Steel Magnolias have been done since the play was written, what would be the number? In the thousands? Millions? Possibly.

  2. I love it... thanks for making up my mind for me. I'm going to watch it again, with new eyes, thanks to your insightful critique.