Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cabot Cove, Maine is a real place

Ok, it's not a real place. But it is where the action of Murder, She Wrote takes place. It's a sleepy New England town, but it's got is fair share (some might say Flint, Michagan's fair share) of murders. And who's around to solve them? The well intentioned but not-so-smart Sharrif? Well, yes, but who else?

Jessica Fletcher, mystery author and crime solver.

In the episode I watched most recently, there was a murder, and a local wife and mother was implicated. Things looked like they were going to go badly for her, it looked like she had things to hide. As it turns out, she didn't do the murdering, but she did have things to hide. In addition to her husband and two rugrats living up in Maine, she had another husband in New York. Another husband.

Jessica knew about it, as she happened to meet this lady with husband #2 at a party in New York. Jessica told her that she had to tell husband #1, she couldn't expect Jessica to keep this kind of secret.

Well, she was cleared of all charges in the murder, but there was still the small matter of explaining to Maine husband that she was a bigamist.

And that's how the episode ended, but, for all the disatrous implications that the situation held, the episode ended as it usually does, on an upbeat, with the freeze frame catching Jessica laughing.

That's good TV.

Well, I've never been to Maine, but for the past two summers, I've spent some time in Cape Cod, which, to my western brain, is exactly the same thing.

Cape Cod is amazing, if you have the opportunity, I would highly recommend it (especially if you can do is as I did, at no cost to you)

This year we angled for an invitation to stay with my aunt in a house she was house sitting for a friend. A older, well heeled friend with awesome taste. It was a dream. We were 5 minutes from the shore, and we went every day.

In the picture below James and I are sitting on the bench outside the Brewster General Store.

And James is wearing a mustache.

He'd just bought it. Just before this picture was taken, James explained to me how he believed you could never own too many false mustaches.

James's Uncle John and his brother, Craig happened to be near (not that near really, but they made the drive), so we randomly met up. Craig couldn't get over how weird it was to be together so out of context. This picture is taken on the deck of the house we stayed it. If you look, you can see the ocean over James's left shoulder.

The house was set pretty far back off this quiet country road. I ran every day (that's not true, by the way), and it was awesome.

I think in this picture we're about to go to Provincetown (which is where the Pilgrams first landed, but moved because it was too exposed. Provincetown is still bitter). We went to the Provincetown Film Festival where we saw The Wackness.

Apart from the fact that I didn't manage to pick up any resortwear, it was a pretty successful trip.


  1. so i didn't even know you had a blog. Do i even know you at all.

    Aaahhh, Murder she wrote. good memories.

  2. You have a blog?! I am not surprised that you started with reviewing The Cutting Edge. I remember watching that movie with you twice in one weekend, and we even kept rewinding parts.

    Have you ever seen Matlock? Now that is quality murder/mystery.

  3. Silvia,
    There's tons you don't know about me. Tons. I'm actually an oil tycoon. Surprise.

    I have, of course, seen Matlock. My mom has been a fan of the crime drama long before there was two billion Law and Orders. We're talking Perry Mason, the original Jack McCoy.

  4. That mustache is real! I am the son of a Barber and I grow one like a fungus!

    Thanks for not putting any embarrassing pictures of me at the beach. You're always looking out for me.

    And I've been digging the Murder, She Wrote episodes. Now we need to get into Perry Mason. He rules!

  5. here's my comment: these are not movies--they are tv shows and excuses for you to show off your vacay to "the cape". i'm on to you. i don't have any cool fancy stories about awesome trips i've taken---wo is me.

  6. Yeah, Annie. These are shameless excuses for me to talk about my blue-blooded vacationing. Obviously.
    How else am I going to bring them up? Send out a shameless mass email taking about how awesome my summer is, and how much I love love love my life?
    Come on Annie, I'm shameless, not shameless.