Monday, August 18, 2008

Shawn Jonhson, my favorite Olympian

Shawn Johnson is my favorite gymnast, possibly my favorite Olympian.

She's a great gymnast, she seems like a normal person, and she's a real competitor. During the all arounds, even when she knew she couldn't win gold (because of a total rip-off on her uneven bar score, but don't get me started), she still pulled off an incredible floor routine, simply because she's a good gymnast with laser focus.

Last night, in the individual events, she competed in floor, and had the disadvantage of going first. She scored high, and held onto first place as the other gymnasts competed, until she lost her 1st place ranking to a Romanian gymnast, who did a good routine, but not nearly as difficult as Shawn's. Still, she stayed gracious and smiling.

And if I get one comment saying someone likes Nastia Luikin better, there's going to be hell to pay.

In other news, the Bad Boy of Badminton (yes, I typed that right), Lin Dan of China, competed yesterday in the gold metal match against the player from Malaysia. It was a good match, a lot of strategy, exciting, and well fought, and Lin Dan won. He was so excited he threw is racket into the stands. Well, okay, it was a badminton racket. How expensive can those be? But he wasn't done. Then he took off his sweaty shoes, and threw those into the crowd. Then he draped himself in the Chinese flag, and then he rushed into the audience to be hugged by strangers.

This was badminton as the game was meant to be played.

This picture is right before he rolled over and started beating the ground with his fists. Awesome.


  1. Shawn Johnson is awesome. I want to set her up with a nice boy and buy her an ice cream cone and just do nice things for her.

    Is that weird?

    And badminton is cool and I kind of like it now.

  2. Yeah, that's a little weird. Just a little, becuase she is really awesome.