Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sorries all around and Pentathalon Sweet-Cakes

I just want to apologize to all those who read my blog before they had to watch the action actually occur. Last night, as I was watching Shawn Johnson (awesome-town) win gold on balance beam, I thought how much more fun it would have been if I hadn't known the outcome beforehand (by more fun I mean me dancing around my tiny living room, yelling for Nastia Liukin to just go ahead and get used to this 2nd place feeling), and then I felt doubly bad for ruining the surprise for my dear cousin/pal Rachel.

So, sorries all around.

And now on to the Sweet-cakes portion:

The Modern Pentathlon
. I know James has been yapping his trap about this event since the start of the games, but really, i read up on in, and it sounds kind of great. It's super intense, and what usually happens is that any one athlete is really good at one or two events, then a couple that they're pretty good at, and then one that they just suck at. Which makes sense, because the events are pretty disparate.

But the one most of them are not so good at is shooting. The more amped up you are when you run, the better off you are. But, the more amped up you are when you shoot, not so good. It requires a laser focus and for the athletes to be really peaceful and calm. As it's the first event of the athlete's Olympic experience, I can imagine that's tricky.

Okay, read all about it here.

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