Friday, September 26, 2008

16 Candles

So, just looking at this picture makes me want to put this movie on my netflix cue (which, through the magic of netflix, I just did by thinking it).

So, in the confusion of the preparation for her sister's wedding, no one remembers Molly Ringwald's birthday, until the very end, when Mr. Wonderful does. And they smooch it up over that birthday cake.

In real life, my birthday is on Saturday, and we planned a party on our friend Aaron's rooftop (his birthday is the day after mine, so we share). And it was going to be as fancy as you imagine a New York rooftop party to be.

Something like this:

But, it's raining. And raining. Raining so hard I had to bring my plants in to prevent them from being drowned.

So, the rooftop party is no more. Oh, don't worry, there's a party, we're just moving it to our apartment, which is a fine place for parties. Made even more fine by the 24 candles I just bought in a big pack at Ikea. But, I mourn the loss of the rooftop party just a little bit.

**Update: The party went well. It stopped raining, but there was still a fine mist, which James insisted wasn't a bit deal, which it wasn't until you stood still, and the mist started to collect, and you started to get really wet. So we moved it downstairs to Aaron's apartment, and I think a good time was had by all.


  1. sorry your bday got rained on. Hope you had a fun party anyway.

    so was that a 24 pack of candles for your cake? cause if so, i hate to break it you sista, but it's not enough.

  2. Uh, no, Silvia, they were tea lights, for mood.

    Okay, so just put that in you pipe and smoke it.

  3. Hey happy belated b-day! Hope it was magical.

    If you want fireworks for your party I would suggest changing your birthday to July 4th, it's always a party on that day. Or just keep it in September and deal with the rain.

  4. Happy late Birthday! I hope that you had a good day in spite of the rain.

    I hadn't seen 16 Candles 'til two years ago. We weren't allowed to see it growing up, but my parents never told us why.

    Then I watched it, and figured out why. But I still love John Hughes.

  5. Linds, Is it the f-word? Because it seems like it's said a lot for a PG-13 movie.
    Ah, the 80's, there wasn't another time like it.