Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Pete is a bird, made by my good pal Rachel. He's a fun loving bird, likes to have a good time, get out and enjoy the city.

Sometimes when I'm feeling particularly lazy, just laying around the apartment, Pete's all, "let's get out of here, find something to do"

and then I'm all, "ugh, let's just watch tv"

and he's all, "you didn't move to new york to watch tv, come on, valerie, get up, let's go"

and I'm all, "ugh, ok"

and then we go out.

This (to the left) is how Pete likes to start his day, with the paper and an Orangina. He loves them. I tell them all the time that they're too expensive to have everyday, and he acts like he understands, but he just keeps buying them.

This (to the right) is Pete and I at the Brooklyn Farmer's market. We're trying to make a selection.

This (below) is Pete and me (and my pal Shiloh) waiting for the subway. We are on our way to Shakespeare in the Park. Shiloh and I are impatient for the subway to come, but Pete urged us to be patient.

This (to the right) is us picnicking before Shakespeare in the Park. We saw Hamlet, and Pete enjoyed it immensely. He didn't even seem to mind that it was almost three hours long.

Pete is a mover and a shaker, so you can probably expect to see more pictures of us gadding about.

By the by, you can purchase Pete's birdy pals here.


  1. Rachel ought to be paying you for that kind of high quality advertising.

  2. Yeah, I'm planning on hitting her up for some donations soon.

    And thanks for calling it high quality.

  3. High quality indeed. I've started an account of 50 Shrute Bucks in your name at Pomona First Federal.

    And yes...thanks for the shout out.