Monday, September 1, 2008

I know a millionaire...

It's not a movie, but it is t.v., so it counts.
One of my favorite people in this world, Jessica (Simmons) Robinson won a million freaking dollars on Deal or No Deal Monday night. The first person EVER to win the million dollars. She's an awesome chick and I am so happy for her, so happy in fact that I may have cried. I can't be sure. She taped at the end of July or beginning of August and had to keep it a secret from everyone. I tried to get it out of her before the show aired, but she wouldn't budge...punk. She has an adorable daughter named Brooklyn and a super cool husband (Ross). She is having a boy later this month and then they are getting out of Utah and moving to Texas with their millions...well, million. I hope you saw it because it was fantastic.


  1. Don't worry, Annie. They aren't really going to collect much more than half of that after the government's take.

    Good job them. They did it. And the stupidest game show ever continues to pat itself on the back.