Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Midnight Meat Train

Yes, this is an actual movie. I haven't seen it, and neither have you, but it fits the story I want to tell.

So in this movie, a serial killer is wandering the MTA subway system nights and murdering people. On the subway.

I think this picture is the guy who does the murdering.

Then, this cock-eyed New York photographer decides enough is enough. He's tired of living in fear of riding the A train at night (which is ridiculous, because everyone should fear riding the A train at night- Annie, you know what I'm talking about), and he hunts down the killer.

Again, I haven't actually seen this movie, but I feel pretty safe in assuming he eventually succeeds, though not before coming face to face with the killer a couple of times, and barely escaping with his life. That's the way it is with subway killers, it takes a few tries to defeat them.

So, yesterday, I was on my way to work, late as usual, waiting on the platform for the R train. I was deep into Anne of Windy Poplars, when I become aware of a disturbance. An MTA worker and a derelict looking man are standing on opposite ends of the platform, yelling at each other.

The MTA worker is holding bleach and a mop, and eventually I realize that the MTA worker caught the more impoverished looking man peeing on the subway platform, and is mad because he had to clean it up. The indigent man "apologized", but I don't know, he didn't seem that sorry.

The argument came to a halt when the train came, by which time I had gone back to Anne at Windy Poplars. I was so engrossed in the story that I got on the same car as...he was a bum, okay, let's just call him that. I got on the same car as the bum, who was not done airing his grievances, such as they were.

He rode all the way to my stop, yelling the entire time. He kept saying, "I don't prosecute. The bible says not to prosecute, so I don't prosecute. People prosecute me, but I don't prosecute."

I'm fairly certain he meant persecute.


  1. but maybe not. maybe he is the assistant DA and you just thought he was a bum. maybe people (i.e: the DA) always pressure him to prosecute, but he wants to see the good in people, so he, or "the people of NY" decide not to prosecute. don't jump to conclusions is all i'm saying.

    p.s. how's the book? must be good if you barely looked up during a dispute between an MTA worker and the assistant DA.

  2. I agree with Annie. I think it's funnier that Anne had you so entranced funny subway drama was barely interesting. How jaded you've become. People peeing and bleaching everywhere and you don't even care.