Sunday, September 14, 2008


I saw this movie in 1997 with Derek, who had some sort of undiagnosed ADD (at least), and he yapped at me all the way through this. Maybe my biggest pet peeve is movie talkers, so, needless to say, we didn't get around to that second date. Beyond this one time, I'd never seen it again, until I caught 10 minutes of it on tv a few months ago. It was the part where Rose is sloshing through all the water to free Jack. You know the part I'm talking about; he's chained up, and Rose has to chop his handcuffs off with an axe.

Soooooo, speaking of the Jewel of the Sea, I was strolling through Soho on my way to my second haircut in a week, and I passed this woman selling her wares from a little street stand. Mostly those stands are vendors who all buy the same boring, cheap "jewelry" wholesale, then set up next to each other and try to sell it.

But this woman had all these delicate, beautiful, really interesting pieces, and I tried on three or four, before made a bit of a rash decision on one. But, I've yet to regret it.

The blue piece is antique, and is the shape of a peach, which is good luck.

I had a hard time getting a really clear shot, so this will have to do.

To view more of her work, see here.


  1. FYI it's the heart of the ocean and i hope you don't think that necklace you bought is "it" b/c the old lady drops it in the water at the end.

  2. Well, for your information, Annie, the lady I bought it from said it was the "very" neaklace that that old bag drops at the end of the movie. She somehow recovered it and was selling it on Spring Street.
    Also: then what the hell is the jewel of the sea?

  3. I think it's a book you were reading wasn't it? I kept calling it the heart of the ocean and then you would get mad and then you would hit me and I would cry.

  4. That doesn't sound familiar to me.