Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Anne of Green Gables

Annie and I make a point of reviewing movies we remember only slightly. We feel it makes for a snappier review because we are not over-burdened with "fact", and "actual plot".

However, I am making an exception. I just borrowed these movies from my local library (full disclosure: my local branch didn't have them, I had to request them through inter-library loan), and I love them just as much now as I ever did. Maybe I love them more.

Here's why, in a list:

1. My uber-crush on Gilbert Blythe is still totally in tact
2. The movies are made on Prince Edward Island, a place which is, I'm sure, as charming and beautiful as it seems on film
3. The movies are beautifully cast
4. Megan Follows makes me believe that Anne really could charm the pants off of anyone
5. I miss some of the stories from the books, but mostly I love the movie adaptation (and how often can you claim that? Answer: Never)
6. Both Dave Foley and Bruce McCulloh make appearances
7. They are awesome
8. I want to be best friends with Anne and Diana
9. I want to live at Green Gables
10. I want to be Anne Shirley


  1. I LOVE that you're an Anne of Green Gables fan. I spent the better part of my youth reading LM Montgomery books (My copy of the Blue Castle is so worn that I can't lend it out to people anymore because I'm afraid it will fall apart and then my life will be over.)

    And speaking of worn out things, the final bridge scene, wherein diamond sunbursts and marble halls are turned down, on my almost 20 year old copy of the movie is very wobbly and scratchy from multiple rewinds and rewatchings. It's providence that Katie now owns the DVDs.

  2. Oh, Rachel, I would go so far as to call myself a super fan.
    I'm still re-reading the books (I'm on Rainbow Valley right now), and loving them just as much as ever.

    It had been a few year since I'd watched the movies, and I was nervous, you know how sometimes things aren't quite as good as you remember them?

    No worries, they were awesome.

    And providence indeed that Katie had those DVD's. Have you watched the extra scenes? So weird.

  3. I promise we'll go to Prince Edward Island someday so you can bask. I saw Anne of Green Gables or at least part of it when I was younger. I'm sorry that I ever laughed during the parts I watched with you. I was just surprised at how earnest Anne Shirley, how completely she believes in her ideas. It was refreshing not ridiculous. I'm sorry if my laughs were taken the other way.

  4. I am going to PEI one day to pay homage to Anne. Ask me one day about what Megan Follows is doing now, I DO know the answer to this question.

  5. V-
    I love that Anne girl too. You know, we've discussed this. And before we all leave NY, we must, MUST, take a trip up to Canada and visit Prince Edward Island. I require it. And I require that we see it in a carriage, and James must drive the carriage, which I am aware would require him to over come his fear of livestock. I believe he can, for the Anne girl, he can.