Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fried Green Tomatoes

I have never eaten fried green tomatoes, but Annie's from the south, sort of, and the movies about besties, so it works.

Annie, of Annie Reviews Movies, is coming back to Brooklyn on Saturday.

Not for good (not yet, anyway), she'll be here for the weekend, and here is what we plan to do:

The NYC temple

The Park Slope Ward's 9th Annual Chili Cook-Off (James won 1st place last year for his chocolate peanut butter pie. This year we're entering with a super spicy chili)
We will also be taking autumn themed pictures atop a bale of hay. Annie, bring your flannel shirt (but for goodness sake, leave the overalls at home).

Loll about

Run in Prospect Park (what did we decide, Annie? 7 miles?)
There will probably also be a lot of eating of Coco Roco, looking at baby Peter and wondering if he will grow up to be a street musician or a mime, and possibly some baby cage matches featuring Petey and Van.

OOOOOOh, and, I dug up some DVDs from college productions, and we'll be watching those as well (Down the Rabbit Hole, Spinning into Butter, The Crucible, Waverly Gallery, etc).

And I'll be using my new Diana F+ camera that James got me for my birthday to take cool, hipster photos of everyone and everything.


  1. I think you forgot to mention these:

    1) entering a super spicy chili in the cookoff but being crushed (mentally and chili-ly) by my super secret white chili recipe.

    2) getting angry at all the men in your house when we take over your living room for to play Rock Band

    3) getting extremely excited about movie reviewing when i bring over the three Heston westerns I just received from netflix.

    yaay weekend.

  2. Um,
    1. Dream on
    2. Dream on
    3. Likely

  3. That camera is sweet. I covet. But not really, because, YOU KNOW...we're not allowed.

  4. are you Mary Stewart Masterson or Mary Louise Parker?

  5. Which one dies? I'll be the other one.
    Wait, which one kills a man? I want to be that one.

  6. Ooh, ooh, I get to be the guy stuck in the railroad tracks!

  7. You're Chris O'Donnell? But he dies...he gets stuck on the railroad track. He can't get his boot off. Don't you remember?

  8. You do need to watch the movie again because you don't remember who actually kills a man. I want to know which of you wants to be the one who eats a man. Maybe James is smart to die so that he doesn't risk doing it accidentally.
    We have found from our ward chili cook-off experiences(we never enter so Mike ends up judging with the missionaries and other slackers) that the better meat quality is what wins the chili cook-off. Nobody wins with hamburger.