Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday, Mostly

So, Annie and I were smiled upon by the gods. We woke up at a reasonable hour (considering Annie had induced a coma with NyQuil the night before), and went running in the most perfect fall morning I've ever seen.

Then we headed deeeeeep into Brooklyn, shopped on 7th Ave, and ate the aforementioned Coco Roco (and again, gods smiling, had the best service--a trait Coco Roco is not known for).

Then we headed into the city for a good time. And look, I've managed to capture what a hip time we had (see above).

This is us somewhere on Spring Street. We had just gotten...Rice to Riches, the thing, I'm convinced, Annie actually came to New York for. If you, dear reader, ever come to New York, I promise you that you will make this important pilgrimage.

Ah, the spoils of our labor. That's James's thumb, giving Rice to Riches, and the world as a whole, the thumbs up.

In other news, 30 Rock, the best show on TV, premiers Thursday. James and I started an improv group (name forthcoming. possibilities: Slumber Party), and tomorrow is the second practice. Wish us luck. I missed last week, but word is, we need it.


  1. look at how hip we are and all the fun we had! Something tells me that if you came down here to visit, we wouldn't look as hip or have as much fun. You should do it anyway though.

  2. Oh, Dad, how could I not have taken you to Rice to Riches. There is so much more of New York for you to see. Come immediately.

    Annie, no way, the hip-fun is all in the editing. First we're buying a bed, then we're going to put skies on that bed and borrow Reggie from GK and Susanna, then we're dog sledding down to NC.

  3. I think you should name your Improv troupe "To Hear a Mocking Word" after Val's favorite book and James' favorite pastime. Other than I have not an idea.