Monday, November 10, 2008

An American President (the movie...this is a Movie Blog)

I love election day. I love voting, I even love waiting in line to vote. I love having something in common with everyone on the street (the commonality being that we've all been lined up for an hour around a junior high school). I just really like doing anything that resembles a "civic duty".

When I woke up on November 2nd, I knew things were going to work out right. I just knew it. This picture is James and I after we voted (total wait time, 1 1/2 hr...totally worth it). Look how happy we are; these are the faces of people who know things are going to work out.

(disclaimer: our camera is old, okay, and I know these pictures are blurry, so just do me a favor and back off) This is Sophie and Van, who are both wearing Obama t-shirts. Van's says "Babies for Obama". Van was really committed to this election. He was pretty mad when we changed the channel from NBC to Comedy Central for their coverage. He didn't think we were taking it seriously enough. Van is...pretty intense. And pretty strong.

This brilliance is all GK and Susanna. Yes, this is a moose. Yes, it does say Palin in what resembles moose blood.

Oh no, Moose, what happened to you guys? I think you, dear reader, know what happened to them.

This was a pretty great election. After it was clear[er] who the winner was, we all ran outside and joined the dozens of people on 4th Ave in Brooklyn. Everyone was cheering and waving, cars were honking and going crazy. People were banging pots (which I totally love), and we talked to neighbors we'd never before spoken to. Awesome, historic, and great fun.


  1. I helped Obama [almost] win in Salt Lake County! He lost by 2,000 votes - so it was 48.9 to 48.4. (He lost by bigger margins in the rest of the state, but I think that is because so many Utah rednecks fantasize about their own helicopter hunting adventure where "anything can happen...")

  2. Congratulations Ben, I'm so happy the margin was so narrow. Let's make a date: Next election, Brooklyn, District 17 (basically I'm asking you and your spouse to move into our apartment).

  3. As long as there will still be banging of pots and pans, we'll be there.

  4. Van looks pissed. Takes after his daddy I guess. Maybe he was just mad that he didn't get to eat one of the moose. Or maybe he takes after his mom and thinks it's a total waste to put chocolate frosting on sugar cookies. And frosting from a can no less. Yuck!