Thursday, December 4, 2008

Designing Women

This post goes out to James's grandma, Nama. James's brother Allen was in town for Thanksgiving, and while i-chatting with Craig, James's other brother, gave Nama a virtual tour of our apartment. However, my apartment was unprepared and pretty flustered, and in retrospect, she wonders if the tour showcased her at her best (i.e. unmade bed, not ideal lighting, no jazzy flowers in vases, etc).
I've always maintained that blogs are only our carefully edited personal reality shows, and in that spirit, here is my apartment, seen as I'd like it to be seen.
This tour begins at the top of the apartment. There is a fire escape, where I keep my plants in summer. Inside is my desk, my home office, where I do much of my important work.

I have a basil plant, two lavender plants, a grapefruit mint, a jade plant, two cacti, and one sort of tree-like plant named Alcestis.
The desk I inherited from my cousin, Sophie. James Best carried it across Park Slope for me, and then I painted it this charming white.


  1. Hmmm, I have been trying to guess what sewing project you have on top of your desk. I am going to have to go with curtains, but my second guess is a really pretty shower curtain.

    Love the pink chair! It just says to me this is a girl's chair, boys need not sit.

  2. Uh, the project was a dress, but I do look a bit like a shower curtian in it.