Wednesday, December 31, 2008

For Lindsey - A Sandwich

California was wonderful wonderful. Seriously, why doesn't everyone live there? Seriously. It was 70 degrees.

Among other fun-time powerhouse activities while in CA, we saw the cartoon Bolt at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. The El Capitan is a perfectly restored old-timey movie house. There is an organist playing as you walk in, and before the movie begins there's a floor show (I know what you're thinking: just like in Annie when they go to Radio City Music Hall. It was exactly like that). Before the show, James, Annie, and I ran across the street to Grauman's Chinese Theatre (and then for an ill fated burrito run to Baja Fresh).

Neither James nor I can remember whose hands and feet those are (in the above picture), but let's say someone great, like John Wayne. Or Burt Reynolds.

Then, to Canters, a shrine to the sandwich. Behold the Fairfax, half corned beef, half pastrami, all Jewish:

and then, the inevitable:

The only thing I didn't do while in California was eat an entire pound box of See's Candy. However, we are currently sitting in the Oakland airport, and I've positioned us right next to a See's, never know.

**Thanks to Annie Appel, photos.


  1. Yay!! Thank you!! I'm way less bored, but more hungry. Seeing that sandwich was more cruel than you know. I miss those from my nyc deli days.

  2. sigh, I want to go to Canters