Sunday, December 21, 2008

MTV's Cribs

And, last of all, in the west wing of the apartment, is the bedroom, which, aside from being the biggest room of the house, is also my favorite.

My apartment is many things; smallish, a little shadowy in some rooms, chilly in winter and over warm in summer. It doesn't have "good bones", no hardwood floors, no picture molding, but it's filled with things I really love. Every now and then, as I walk the long walk from bedroom to bathroom, or wrench open my stubborn oven door, I look around in wonder at how I've managed to (a) attain all these trappings of adulthood, and (b) manage to maintain it.


  1. This room looks so cozy....I'd say it was my favorite too. I'm so jealous over the cleanliness of your house. Ahhh, someday.

  2. I absolutely love the sight of over-loaded bookshelves. I always get the feeling that it would be amazing to come home one day to find that the shelves had collapsed and you had a mountain of books to roll around in.

  3. Thanks Linds, unfortunatly, this room is not terribly cozy. It suffers from being too far away from the major head sources in our apartment. It is, however, much cooler than the rest of the apartment in the summer, so, that makes up for it.

    Rachel, I considered putting the bed directly under the book shelves, where the dresser is, but knew I'd never be able to sleep peacefully, wondering if that very thing, shelves collapsing, would do me in. Being murdered by Crime and Punishment, or Fight Club, or Ramona the Pest, or some respectable book wouldn't be so bad, but imagine if Tuesdays with Morrie was the book that finally killed you. Humiliating.

  4. More humiliating is the fact that Tuesdays with Morrie is my book and if it killed you, I'd be responsible. I'd move it out of the way and place another book in its stead. Like turning the murder weapon around to make it look like a suicide.

    To Kill a Mockingbird would be appropriate for your death. Or As I Lay Dying. Maybe Catch 22?

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