Sunday, December 7, 2008

This is the bathroom, which is, conveniently, located right next to the kitchen.

These pictures I found at an antique shop in Brooklyn. I chose photos that reminded me of summer.

The thing I like about our bathroom is the black and white tiles.

The bathroom is small. Really, really, really small. It was sort of hard to get used to at first, but now I figure that any other bathroom, any other bathroom, will seem like a palace in comparison.


  1. i didn't see a toilet. do you guys have a toilet? is it just a hole in the ground? you need to be more thorough in your virtual tour.

  2. Val,

    Mom and I just viewed the virtual tour of your apartment. Have you moved?

  3. It's beautiful!

    Wait til you see our can't even bend over, it's that small.

  4. Annie, there is no toilet. Okay? Thanks for making that common knowledge. Thanks.

    Dad, I haven't moved. Just improved. Since Amy moved her stuff out, things have started to look up. You guys should come check it out.

    Lindsey, I grant you our shower isn't that small, but if you look closely at the sink, the hot and cold water comes out of different faucets, so...really, just hot and cold water. Nothing in between.
    p.s. What happens if you drop something while showering. Do you just do without it?