Sunday, January 25, 2009

Amélie II

Thursday was freakishly warm. For New York in January, anyway. We had a lazy morning, just kind of hanging out. Mostly, we all wanted to hang out, but laundry needed to be done. I asked who was interested in helping, and no one was.

From left to right, that's Pete (a bird), Chauncey (a sheep), Wobbles (a dog), Sebastien (an elephant), and Ducky. We finally convinced Pete to come along.

He helped putting the soap in.

We walked down to the bodega, and saw a little "history":

Then, Pete offered to shovel snow. But it was too warm, so he just scattered some salt and came back in.

We met up with a friend that night, ate totally average cheeseburgers at Goodburger in Union Square, and then read the night away.


  1. you know, i don't think it's fair that pete is pulling not only his own weight, but the weight of some serious, long term free loaders--yeah ducky, i'm talking about you.

  2. I really miss Pete doing my laundry.

  3. Annie, listen, you worry about your freeloaders (Jack, Ben), and I'll worry about mine.

    Rachel, yeah, that guy's a work horse. Work bird. We asked him to come out with us that night, be he wanted to watch the new 30 Rock.

  4. pete is so good to you guys. Coming along to do laundry... when there are plenty of other things to be doing. I was glad to have finally met him. I hope he's getting along with Thursday and Friday.