Monday, January 19, 2009

And Another for the Handcart

Saturday, January 10th marked the 1st Handcart workshop of the year.
Nick, drawing upon his acrobatic training from his time in the circus, lead the first half of the workshop, focusing on the technique of grips, form, and communication.
(please excuse the lack/quality of pictures. I forgot my camera, and we used a camera phone when we could)
This is called a 'Kiss Me', and we looked pretty much like this while learning it. The really amazing thing about this is that the trick of it is not brute strength, but technique, the proper division of weight from the person on top and the person on the bottom.

Nick and I did the 'Two-High' (or was it 'Too High', I never got a straight answer out of that guy), where stepped onto his quad, then knelt the opposite knee to his shoulder, then planted the other foot onto the other shoulder, and stood. It was pretty frightening, but, as Nick predicted, when I paid attention to the technique and focused on my form remaining upright, it was easy, and not terrifying.

This will be our next trick (though, it will be Nick in the fancy cut-out unitard, me holding him up):

We broke for lunch, and after a brief visit from Buddy, a new dog friend, we resumed. Scott ran the second half, and we went through the french scene breakdown of The Odyssey. The focus of these workshops is to brainstorm ideas for using physicality for the more fantastical portions of the story of Ulysses's trip, rather than relying on props.

The combination of a cold space, creative people, and a little caffeine coursing through veins made this a very fruitful process.

Here is Maria, as a goddess, descending:

Myself and Nick, trying out ideas for the Cyclops:

Nick, using the bamboo poles to depict Ulysses alone on his raft:
And Dave and Nick, trying out for the crew team.

The ideas at this workshop ran freely, and if this workshop is any indication, this production will be like none other.

p.s. Thanks to Nick, for the best upper body workout I've had in forever. What are your hourly rates for personal training?


  1. You're the bravest girl ever, Valerie. Even braver than Joan of Arc. Or She-Ra, not the cartoon version but the actual She-Ra, brother of the actual He-Man.

  2. Thanks James. But, I don't know why we have to go through this AGAIN:
    She-Ra is a cartoon. Not a real girl.
    He-Man is her CARTOON brother. Also, not a real guy.

  3. I think that it was a documentary shot with a cartoon lens.