Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

When I think of propaganda posters, I think of this one, which was what I was looking for when I stumbled onto a treasure trove of war-time art. I like the following two for different reasons. Loose Lips for it's austere color palate and rhyme scheme. Somebody Talked for it's moody colors and supremely creepy message.

And a personal favorite, for the lady with espionage on her mind:
Some of them are actually still relevant. For example, this one, if posted, would help us remember to carpool and decrease our dependence on foreign oil:

Or this one, for getting rid of those unwanted war-related pounds:

And then there's just the generally useful:

There's some patriotism in all of us, and seeing a poster of Uncle Sam telling you, in no uncertain terms, to shut your yapper, just really brings it out.


  1. I always taught a unit on war-time propaganda, and I also totally LOVE the posters that you showed.

    And someday, I will have a framed copy of "Stay Calm" on my wall!

    Great post!!!

  2. these are excellent and creepy and awesome and interesting. well played.

  3. my word, what delights you have found. Personal favorite, giving Hitler a ride to work. Its a gem.

  4. janelle has an original 'keep calm and carry on' poster, we keep it in the bathroom of course.