Friday, January 2, 2009

Forest Gump

I'm a list maker. I'm also a recorder. I make lists of things to do, and keep records of the things I've done.

I've been running for a few years, sometimes more and sometimes less. Last January was the start of an upswing, and I kept careful record of my distances. And I've just added it up. In the last year, I ran (roughly) 781.6 miles.

Which, if you're interested, would take me from Chino, California, well past Rexburg, Idaho (748). I would come up just a bit short were I to run from New York City to Portage, Wisconsin (816), so I'd need someone in Portage to come pick me up. And if I wanted to run to Princeton, Alabama (785), I'd be just about perfect.


  1. do you know anyone in portage? don't do it unless you have someone there to come and get you.
    p.s. do you guys wanna come down for lila's birthday party? it's gonna be killer.

  2. Like, Chuck E. Cheese killer? Or you're renting a bounce house killer?

  3. we are actually thinking of renting out a bounce house place and going wild. i think james would consider running down here for that.

  4. Holy crap, don't tempt me. Could I have five minutes alone in the bounce house? My own private bounce house?

    I would chase Jack and Max around like I was a monster on the moon. Which there are. Monsters. On the moon.

  5. That's amazing. Nike Shoes like my blog. All of Nike shoes. Which is weird, because I wear Saucony. Shh, don't tell.

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