Thursday, January 22, 2009

For Annie - A stroll

...down memory lane. As you all know, Annie is a contributor on this very blog. She has another blog, which she is currently devoting to the goings on in the pediatric oncology ward where her daughter, Lila, is a patient. It's fascinating, and encouraging, and I'm learning to be a doctor just reading it.

For everyone else reading this who isn't Annie, this will be just a bunch of random pictures.

The couch in the living room at Cedar Heights, and Cherie's guitar, which everyone in the entire world pick up and strummed on at one point or another (does Andy even play?):

And, ah, the salad days of art. Real art:

I don't think I've ever seen Ben look tough the right word? Oh, Annie. Star.

And another of our theatrical conquests. Some say our best performance, respectively. Maybe we should have gotten some damn awards for this one, right?

This is that first time you visited from North Carolina. Do you remember when Jack was so little?:

I think you remember this guy, the largest pig we'd ever, ever seen:

And this is right before the three of us went on the pirate ship. I've always liked this picture because together we're a stoplight:

And the fried snickers bar James insisted on eating just before he and Ben went on the zipper:

And, for some reason, this is us by a car (this is right after James and I got back from Europe, which I know because he and I are especially chubby):

Oh, lady. I'm thinking of you.


  1. good times indeed. i hadn't seen some of those pictures before and they made me happy, every one. thanks for the stroll.
    that was a seriously big pig...

  2. Did you notice you're wearing your Walker Medical t-shirt. Did you get sad looking at it.

    Wait a second, do you still have that shirt?