Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Handcart Blog

I've worked with a wonderful theatre company for a couple of years now, The Handcart Ensemble. Finally, after much cajoling, Scott Reynolds, the artistic director has permitted me to start a blog. This the maiden run.

2008 was a banner year for the Handcart Ensemble. One of the highlights for me was a reading of Heracles by translator David Curzon at the Notre Dame School in Manhattan. The story of Heracles and his ill-fated family is so heartbreaking, and David's translation is both beautifully gentle and terribly powerful.

This performance was scheduled to fit into the senior English class's study of this and other Greek plays. Many of the students, in between sending txts (lol, :), roflol), told us that we made the text alive.

Writer/translator David Curzon addresses the students (photos above and below).

David D'Agostini, playing the unlucky Heracles, chats with a cast member before the reading begins.

The cast, Scott, and David pose after the performance.

The people at the Notre Dame school were perfectly accommodating, the cast was flexible and so talented, and the Law and Order crew filming downstairs, civil.

This kind of community outreach, especially with work of this caliber, is something you will see more of this year, 2009, The Year of The Handcart Ensemble.(:{ - this is an emoticon with a mustache).


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