Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Little Shop of Horrors

James says it's because I'm part plant that the winters are so hard on me. And, what choice to I have but to believe him. He's a scientist (freelance).

These are the things that keep me soldiering on during these long winter months:

This little number I bought at REI during Christmastime. There's nothing like REI to make me want to throw off my city ways and become a real outdoorsman. For now the 16 oz Nalgene will have to do, and the hopes of hiking trip this spring (andy and shiloh, are you listening?)
And then there's this guy. Amazing, right?

And this one, which I can't live without. I'm a creature of habit, and when I couldn't find this at the beginning of the year, I almost lost it. My heart goes out to my dad, who has been getting The Far Side desk calender for as long as I can remember. This year Gary Larson decided not to license one (because why? he was tired of making money?), and so dad has to make due with a Dilbert. What a drag. Behold, the moleskine:

And last, but not least, what's today without this guy:


  1. ok, so not 5 minutes after i told you how spry Ted Kennedy was looking these days, he goes and has a seizure during the inaugural luncheon. i will never give a compliment again.

  2. It's amazing to feel like a part of history is happening before you. It's hard, like we talked about, when people deify him. I believe that Obama will do a lot of good for this country but I'm not blind to how terrible a shape it's in. Today was great because I could relax, watch him be great, and just think of hope for a while.

    Oh, and you are part plant. What kind of plant I have not figured out yet. I'm sending a piece of your hair into Grissom.