Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mary Poppins

I've decided to stop complaining about the weather. Facts are facts, I hate cold weather. But, for the last eight years I've lived in places with pretty severe winters. So, I have a couple of choices:
I can move
I can shut-up and just deal with it

I read an article in Self the other day that posited that people who complain a lot tend to more unhappy.

I do complain. And I am unhappy.

So, I'm going to give not whining about the weather a try. Oh, and I'm going to stop complaining about my job.

And the fact that we so rarely have oreos in the house.

And that eating tons of candy gives me cavities.

And that Hillary Clinton lost the primaries (that's been a hard one to let go of).

So, that's it. No more complaining.


  1. but, wait...can i still call you and complain or is that unfair?

  2. Well, usually, yes, that would be unfair. But there's a clause in that rule that allows unlimited complaining as long as you have a baby named Lila in the hospital who is not feeling well at all. Then you can bitch your heart out.

  3. i want complaining rights.... maybe I will quietly hint to annie my complaints, then she can complain out loud for me. I can complain vicariously through annie. Come Valerie, the cold is not that bad, what about that fancy coat of yours? Is it not making it summertime wherever you go?

  4. Somebody said this: Man invented language to satisfy his deep need to complain.

  5. Dad, it sounds like that someone might have been Jewish.