Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Rookie

Annie, do you remember this one? We saw it that summer you and Cherie came to visit me in California. We drove out to meet Bryce, then we went to Griffith Observatory, and then to the Kodak Theatre, where I think Cherie's heart may have stopped a bit, just to be so close.

And then we drove for about two solid hours in terrible traffic to see Spiderman, I think. But, by the time we got there it was all sold out, so we saw The Rookie. And it was so hot, and it had been a terribly long day, and I wasn't a big fan of Bryce (no offense Bryce, you must remember that we didn't hit it off right away), and we watched The Rookie.

It was pretty good, it reminded me of My Antonia, the way the story just kept rolling along, without a major crisis or antagonist. Then there was that part where Dennis Quaid has to leave his wife to go to training camp, and he's worried about leaving her with all the kids, and she says something empowering about being a Texas woman, and you cheered, but you were the only one who did, because it was Southern California, and people from Texas rarely move from Texas, and when then do, it's not to Southern California.

Do you remember that?

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  1. yes, i do. i don't think bryce was involved though (that was a different so. cal trip).
    there are some pretty good pictures from that trip floating around somewhere. one of me and cherie attempting to break into kodak theater and you know, just us being super hot chicks in california.
    hey, can we go to california? just us?