Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What Dreams May Come / Coal Miner's Daughter

Ugh, who else hated What Dreams may Come? (in my mind I see a collective raise of hands) It was so smoopsy and lame. But, it brings up an interesting point. Dreams.


and more:
and still more (I especially like this chair because it's called Mr. Impossible. I think James could be convinced that it was designed by an evil super villain):

And then the classic:

And the more attainable

And the more accurate:

And the dream-dream:

And then there's the reality, the Coal Miner's Daughter reality (ha, you didn't think I was going to get around to it, but I did). And that reality is...that I can dream.


  1. i think you should set your sights on getting one drawer in your bathroom. seriously, i could live in that bathroom (not yours, the picture). it's amazing. now i am thinking about how to possibly live in your bathroom...

  2. I actually super love those white, attainable dishes. My best friend growing up had those in blue plastic.

    It was upon those plates that I experienced my first bite of potato flakes. Monumental in an Idahoan palate.

    Also, is that a diamond ring that I see? A Tiffany diamond?

  3. Annie, you'd have to sleep in the tub. It wouldn't be too bad, but the shower does leak. Buy plastic pajamas.

    Lindsey, we also had those dishes growing up, in orange. And I loooooooved them.
    The dream of dreams is actually an aquamarine, and it's an earring (one of two). And it is a Tiffany.