Friday, February 13, 2009

An Affair to Remember

This Valentine's Day I've asked the city of New York to be my Valentine. The city demurred at first, but, ultimately, NYC agreed to be my Valentine.

James isn't happy, because now he's Valentine-less, but he has put in a call to Nebraska, so, fingers crossed.
Here are just a few things I love about New York this February 14th (13th):

The dessert truck; Fall for Dance; the feel of history in the financial district; Battery Park; the cobblestones of Stone Street; the steps of the Met; The Cowgirl in the West Village and her pulled pork sandwich and refillable drinks; Coney Island; Nathan's hot dogs; the Upper East Side; New York Road Runners Club; Prospect Park; The Gatsby house in Prospect Park; the outer trail in Prospect Park; Prospect Park in the spring/summer/fall; the magnolia trees on 9th street; 3rd street in Park Slope; Willie's Dogs; Coco Roco; UCB; Harold Square;the farmer's market; this man; the din of mid-town; Shakespeare in the Park; Washington Square Park; pizza; La Mama's rehearsal space on Great Jones Street; and way, way more.


  1. It is wonderful to love where you live. Happy Valance-Time, as my kids say!

  2. Val,

    Despite the weather, I almost envy you for living in New York. You'e right----it is just full of history and character everywhere you look.....just as your pictures showed. It's wonderful that you appreciate it while you're living there.

  3. Sounds like the perfect Valentine's affair. Did James hear back from Nebraska?

  4. You should have given James a better state than Nebraska. It seems cold to deny my brother yourself as a valentine and then give him a dramatically lesser substitute.

  5. Ana-amen to that. I love New York about 90% of the time, which is pretty good.

    Dad-because of the weather, I envy your location in California. With Harry. And mom.

    Brooke-James did not hear back from Nabraska before the big day. She ended up texting him on Sunday night. Do me a favor and don't bring it up to him.

    Candace-thank you for acknowledging that Nebraska sucks.