Thursday, February 12, 2009

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

New York is undecided today.

It's warm-ish, but windy windy. I walked down to the Amish market for an Italian combo on a hero (on Andy and Shiloh's suggestion), and was almost killed when the wind blew me into the path of a fire truck (or was it a steamroller?).
Here's what I love today, on this not so sunny day...
sunny rooms:

I have these feelings about things, I swear I can tell which pictures were taken in winter and which were taken in summer, based upon the quality of the sunshine.

It's like how I just know which letters are male, and which are female. It's knowledge I was born with.

This picture is my favorite, because looks like it's taken at my favorite time of day, about 5:00 pm, just before the witching hour of twilight, when the sun slants in sideways through the windows. Perfect.If I could be anywhere today, it would be home in California, and I would be standing in my freshly vacuumed room, feeling summer air and listening to downstairs din and the call of the exotic bird who lives across the street.


  1. I think it's interesting that mom and dad's is still "home." I think I called it that for a long time. I'm not sure, but i don't think i do anymore. You might have to add that to your list of signs that you're a grown up.

  2. Astute observation, sister 'o mine. I suppose I have old fashioned "homeland" kind of feeling about California. It will always be home.

  3. You really should be able to tell which pictures are taken in the winter or summer based on the light. We talked about it in my photography class. The winter light is cool and the summer light is warm--just like the seasons themselves. The winter lighting is only a bad thing when the pictures are taken of people, otherwise the lighting is just interesting either way. We are naturally drawn to the warm light and will think that those pictures are better.