Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I've given this a fair amount of thought. Here's what I think:
How to know when you've grown up
1. You are married
2. You have children
2a. The phrase play-date sounds normal coming out of your mouth
3. You have a mortgage
3a. You own property
4. You take vacations that require hotels to be booked and cars rented
4a. You take vacations to places where you don't have pals that you can crash with
5. You no long use the verb "crash" to describe sleeping
6. You own expensive outerwear
7. You have (and take advantage of) health insurance
8. You see a dentist (the same dentist) every 6 months, like they tell you to
9. You have investments (multiple)
10. You have a credit card that earns you airline miles
11. You would absolutely comparison shop before buying a dishwasher
12. You don't use your tax return on travel
13. A good home filing system starts to really make sense
14. Divorce stories are less frequently about your parent's friends and more about yours
15. You speak to someone middle aged and realize you're speaking as equals
So be aware, lest these things befall you.


  1. How many of these do you combine to become an adult?

  2. My credit card only earns me points towards ipods and art. I am so glad I am not a grown up.

  3. who doesn't compare prices when buying a major appliance such as a dishwasher? And for the record I'm not a grown up. I think we're still too poor.

  4. Yeah, Silvia, your arguement is exactly the arguement a grown-up would make.
    p.s. Do you children know you don't consider yourself an adult?