Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lars and the Real Girl

Has everyone seen this movie? I hope so, for your sake.

If not, add it to your netflix que, stat.

I saw this movie a few years ago when it came out. I was visiting California, and my mom and I went to Claremont to see it. Her treat.

Effortless. That's how I describe it, and it's about as good a compliment as I can give. It felt effortless. There was no calculated tugging at heartstrings (gross, really, when you think about it. heartstrings?), no cloyingly sweet moments. Just nice. Understated. Well written, well acted. Sweet, smart, witty, ironic, soulful.

I have orchestrated a visual to help you understand how I feel about this movie:


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  3. I love this movie too!! So interesting and heartfelt!

  4. How I happened to see this movie:

    I was at a ward pot luck and I was sitting at a table with a bunch of women my mom's age and one of them said, "Have you seen Lars and the Real Girl? It's lovely." and I said, "Isn't that the one with the sex doll?" and there were gasps all around and then we planned a night to all watch it.

    I love it too. A lot.

  5. I think somewhere between Lars and Dan (in Real Life) is my knight in shining armor. :D Effortless is a great descriptive in this instance.

  6. Linds, I love that you love this. I agree on the heartfelt.

    Rachel, the scene you describe sounds like a scene in the movie

    Bonnie, I like this, that he's somewhere in between the two.

  7. I like this movie because I like the idea that compassion on this scale is possible. That's it's not so unbelievable that people could be so kind. You don't see a lot of movies like this, and I like it.

  8. i completely agree on all comments. i also was struck by the level of compassion. i belive when it comes to something like a death in the family, i think people can be very compassionate and its almost easy to be so, but to go all out for such an oddity?.....why not. thats why i liked it.