Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ocean's Eleven

So, I'm a big fan of betting with James. This watch on my left hand is testament to why that is. I usually win (the watch is booty from a bet involving Sirius Black and the last Harry Potter). I recently bet James that every one of his poems from his last submission push would be accepted.

I'm now one closer to winning. Cold Mountain Review has just accepted Strawberry Canyon Backwards. This is an older poem, written at BYU-I, but he's always liked it. Aaaaaaaand, I guess CMR likes it too.

Unfortunately, I can't remember what we wagered on this. I have a feeling it may have been something big.

I'm also very excited about our other on-going bet. James thinks we won't be using keys in 2051. I do. Obviously, I'm excited because I'm going to win this bet.


  1. I think your blog is one of my favoritest things in the world. The jumping castle you might receive if you win this bet would be one of my second favoritest things.
    (I have a few favoritest and second favoritest things. The concept of absolutes is below me.)

  2. congratulations to jimmy roy!
    one question for you: when you are at work, do you work?

  3. Brooke, I think hyperbole is the most underrated thing in the history of the world.
    Why not exaggerate, I mean, who's going to hold you to it?

    Annie, yeah, I work. A percentage of the time.

  4. I did see a commercial for a car that doesn't use keys. you might want to rethink that one.

  5. Silvia, forget it. It's not a bet about a few things that don't use keys (hotel rooms, the occasional car), we're talking no keys period, except for those giant brass church keys used for the odd church.
    No keys, by 2051, please. That'll be the day.

  6. i think the jumping castle is for james, i'm right aren't i? its right up there with the purple tent.

  7. Watch it, Valerie. You're bound to lose this bet. Keys are dying a slow death. One day you'll be listening to the jangle of your jingles and then the next you'll be shoving your eye in a retinal scan.

    And thank you for the post about my publication.