Monday, March 2, 2009

Sweet Home Alabama

I feel asleep in a bar once. It wasn't even that late, which makes the story all the more absurd. Before midnight, for sure.

It was Sophie's birthday, and the bar was LoKi, in Park Slope, on 5th Ave in the name streets.

It had been a long week, my brother was in town and there were stops at the dessert truck, and Island burgers to eat, and the MoMA to see, and we went upstate to Sleepy Hollow and Livingston Manor. All in all, I had good reason to be tired. But no one, no one, has a good reason to fall asleep in a bar.

The incident happened near the end of the week, a Saturday, and that night I had not set myself up for success. I hadn't showered (note the hair), and I had worn a very warm sweater (purchased at the Army/Navy surplus store in Idaho Falls, ID. Shiloh has the same sweater. It is surprisingly flattering).

This is just before. It's coming. You can see it in my eyes. Also, I'm being roundly ignored by James and Adrianne, sitting next to me. That didn't help.

I'm talking to my cousin, Nat, at this point, but I'm failing fast.

Only a moment later I laid my head down on the armrest of that couch and fell, if not fast, most certainly, asleep.

p.s. Now that I'm looking at that sweater, I'm not sure it's as flattering as I had told myself it was. I think it's better when I'm standing.


  1. you? opted out of taking a shower? nooooooooooo, i don't believe such nonsense!

  2. who needs showers. oh army surplus....surprisingly still my favorite sweater.

  3. Come on! This isn't the first time I woke you up in a bar. Stop trying to hide your problem, Ms. Fish. Every Sunday after church, zoom, straight to the bar!

    For shame, liarface.

  4. What no pic of you actually asleep?! Hope it was a clean armrest...cause sleeping in a bar is one thing, sleeping on a dirty armrest is a whole new set of problems.