Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Bucket List

geeze-louise. who saw this movie?
i'm not even sure who it was supposed to appeal to.

anyhow. my bucket list for tonight:

birthday gift for 2 someones...check
pay fine at Park Slope branch library...check
write blog using no capital letters...check
balance checkbook...check
shower....um, i'll get to it

if you are also done with your list, check this out:

The show James wrote got a mention in the LA Times.

James wrote the episode recap mentioned.
Check out the "brilliant and biting satire", if you please.


  1. that is so awesome. i'm super pumped that people are watching and recognizing and taking note of the cleverness and hilarity. is cleverness a word? whatever.

    and you--you'll put anything before a shower...

  2. My sister (you can guess which one) showers once, sometimes twice a week. Does it run in the family?

  3. Annie, I am also excited about this. And yes, cleverness is a word. It's a word because you just typed it, which makes it one. Bam.

    Rachel, perhaps yes, it runs in the family. It's just that there are dozens of better things to do.