Saturday, April 18, 2009


Maybe the best murder mystery movie ever. Here's why:

1. It's based on the game.
2. Tim Curry
3. Madeline Kahn
4. It's a murder mystery based on the game clue.

So, my parents came for a visit.
This re-cap is for you, Rosie and Joe:

The Seder Dinner. In the fashion of the non-observant Jews we are, I held it on Saturday. This is the table pre-Seder plate.

The Seder was well attended, and aside from forgetting to put the lamb shank on the Seder plate, everything went pretty well
(though, I thought the high point came early
with the matzoh ball soup).

Not pictured is Monday and the amazing Tenement Museum.
Next time any of you come to New York, insist we go there.
It's a treasure.
Also not pictured is Joe getting lost on the streets of the
East Village for hours (or, maybe five minutes)
when the rest of us ducked into Duane Reade.
He was later recovered near the museum.

Outside the Brooklyn Museum on an overcast Tuesday.

The cherry blossom festival wasn't quite as festive as I had hoped, but the magnolia trees were blooming,
as was this, the weeping cherry.

There was a bonsai exhibit that was really extra-ordinary.
There was a bonsai tree that was 109 years old.
This picture is not of that tree.

On Wednesday and most of Thursday Joe and Rosie skipped off to
New Haven to see The Old Man and the Sea,
tour the Yale campus, and eat at French Restaurants.
When they returned on Thursday evening,
we went to a Mets game
at the new stadium, Citi Field.

By the by, Thursday night was super cold. Windy.
Also, the guy in the Mets jacket wasn't with us,
though I wish he was.

Friday was warm warm warm,
and we did a little antiquing along 5th avenue.

We ate Peruvian food at Coco Roco
and headed out to the Guggenheim Museum,

where we saw, or rather listened to,
The Sound of Ice Melting

We stopped in Union Square for cupcakes,
where there were hundreds of millions of people
milling around in the balmy spring night.

Today we visited a flea market,
ate pizza and watched the ending of Clue.

It was a wonderful week.
Let's do it all over again.

p.s. Darren and Lindsey, We ran a 10k last saturday that finished up the festivities of Scottish Week. We didn't tell you, but we, of course, ran the race in your honor. It was pouring rain the entire time, and here is a picture of James in the slicker they handed out. Honoring you.


  1. You guys are AWESOME. I can't believe that you ran a 10K let alone in our honor. Scotland thanks you!

    Now you REALLY need to come visit!!!

  2. Lindsey, James just found a Star Wars cookbook and wants desperately to give it to Darren, so he might concur.

  3. come visit; this invite is always on the table. but most seriously when James is bearing nerdery...especially culinary nerdery.

    10k + the Best's = heroes

  4. also, Clue is the best. i used to record it on a cassette tape so I could listen to it when i couldn't watch it.

  5. Thank you for the pictures and narrative of our trip. It was so much fun. Mom and I really appreciate the time and effort you made for us.

  6. wow, why is dad being so sneaky and posting things anonymously. I'm just kidding I know why. ha ha ha ha.

    I'm glad you had fun. although now i can see how cold it really was at that mets game.

    someday it will be our visit you are blogging about.

  7. Darren: I can only begin to imagine what kind of foolishness was in that cookbook. I can only imagine.

    Anonymous: Oh Dad, thanks again for the visit. It was a joy to see you both.

    Silvia: We did have a good time, though I could never get either of them to say their visit here was more fun than the visit to AZ. They just kept saying it was "different". Whatever.
    I promise to blog up a storm when you come for a visit. A storm.

  8. p.s. I don't know who the 3rd Wheel is, but that last comment was from me. Valerie.