Monday, April 6, 2009

Coney Island of the Mind

I can't exactly say why I love Coney Island so much. It's a hundred different things, all of them impossible to articulate.
I can say that I go as often as I possibly can.
This particular time was when Criagers was in town, early March.

The first stop, as dictated both by necessity and good sense, is Nathan's.

Then, on the way to the aquarium, we stopped to watch James feed this squirrel.
And, of course, risk getting rabies.

At the aquarium, they have a glass overhang that simulates the power of waves crashing.
You know how you can sit on the beach and watch the waves crash over and over again.
This is similar in nature. It never gets less interesting.

Then to the boardwalk

And lastly, the pier.

This doesn't quite capture it, but nothing could.
Coney Island is all windy and sun-baked. The boardwalk creaks threateningly as you walk on it. Old Russian women from the nearby neighborhoods, Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach, stroll around in plastic rain bonnets, rain or shine. Words on signs are misspelled,
it's garish and lurid and just, just wonderful.


  1. You never let me have a squirrel. And we will keep having this conversation until I get one!

  2. i miss nathans. i miss the aquarium. i miss the boardwalk. i miss you people.

  3. I miss you too, Annie. Remember when we took Jack. I don't recall him being all that impressed with Nathan's. I expect he'll have changed his mind next time we go.

  4. p.s. James, no squirrel. Forget it. End. Of. Story.