Monday, April 6, 2009

Motherless Brooklyn -or- Brooklyn on Sunday

So, I don't, as a general rule, post pictures of Brooklyn, because I'm all, whatever, if you want to see it, get on a plane and come visit. But, today was sunny and warm, and utterly, utterly...see below

One of the two blooming magnolia trees on 9th St.

near the library, on 6th ave

a yellow bike near Steve's C-Town (my local grocery)

brooklyn speaks

the branch of my library I'm too embarrassed to go into because I owe a small fortune in overdue book fines.

and of course, a budding tree grows in Brooklyn.


  1. Thank you! It is lovely, and your photos may be my only chance to see Brooklyn until I can get some of these responsibilities off to college or whatever.

  2. I'm living vicariously through this post. Thanks for sharing! I could try to retaliate by posting pictures of Idaho, but they'd all be about the same color ... gray.

  3. Just wondering if any of those fines happen to be on the book Life of Pi???

  4. I love these pictures of every day life because it forces you to look around you and appreciate the utter coolness of where you live.

    Every single one of those made me want to hop a plane and walk to work with you!! :)