Sunday, May 3, 2009


Comedian is a documentary about Jerry Seinfeld
going out on the road after Seinfeld ends.
He starts out with no material at all,
and builds a show as time goes on.
It's fantastic.
Netflix it if you know what's good for you.

Speaking of which, James and I had our
graduation show for our 301 improv class
at Upright Citizens Brigade.
Our #1 fan, Caitlin, came, as did our improv pal, Aaron.

On the way to the theatre we passed this sign,
and I'm all,
"really? acme safe company?
i thought that was only in Looney Tunes cartoons".
But there it is, in black (red) and white.

Here are some other images from our rainy Sunday in Chelsea.

The show went well, the best grad show we've had yet.
James was in rare form,
I kept my jeans turned up so they were
relatively dry when I got home,
and then I ate half a candy bar
so, all in all, the day was a success.


  1. did you look up when you passed the acme safe sign? i would have looked up.

  2. What do I look like, Annie, an idiot. You look up as you pass that acme sign, and you know what happens?
    Yeah, a safe shushes you flat. That's what happens.

  3. Valerie, for any of you reading this, was particularly awesome at that show. She was the funniest person up there and she's too modest to say so.