Tuesday, May 12, 2009

10 Things I Hate About You

for annie:

Pursuant to our texted conversation last night, I have compiled a list of things I think about you:

1. I think you're strong, strong, strong
2. I think you're the most loyal friend I've ever had
3. I think you have an eye for subtle, nuance-y comedy
4. I think it's amazing that even with a lot (really, a lot) going on in your life, you always have time to talk to me and be interested in the silly banality of my life
5. I think you will always drink dr. pepper, and you will very rarely think you should do otherwise
6. I think you are a good, good mother to your children
7. I think you are beautiful
8. I think you have great g-chat/texting/facebook etiquette
9. I think you know just when to swear (and it always makes me laugh)
10. I think you should wear your glasses when you drive


  1. I love this. You guys are both so much fun. I love observing your friendship from afar. You have what a lot of people envy, including me.

  2. i concur with all things said of annie, most especially the glasses thing. remember that one time, in the mountains, on the way to seattle, i took the 2:00 am morning shift to drive, and i do believe it was sleeting.....hey, we are all still alive! i heart annie, and val for that matter.

  3. Thanks Brooke. We are lucky, as you point out.

    Shiloh, we ALL remember that. I think of it every morning. I heart you too.

  4. Oh you...I wish I had something witty or possibly insightful to say, but I don't.
    I just love you. You're my best gal.