Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rebecca - Again

**Don't proceed if you plan on reading this book...
which you should. It's GREAT.

They've found the boat,
and Maxim has told her about everything,
and now they're just waiting,
and the suspense is killing me.

Oh, and do you think it strange that even after all Maxim did,
I feel really happy to know that he loves her,
and never loved Rebecca?

Also, I think my favorite character is Bee Lacy, Maxim's sister.
I think she's hilarious.
And I like how completely unromantic a character she is;
I think it really tethers this really romantic
(not like Romance romantic,
but like the dreary moors of Scotland romantic)
story to reality.


  1. i'm shocked that you are reading tawdry romance novels now. next, you'll be requesting a novel with Fabio on the cover for book club...

  2. I'm not even going to read it what you wrote on the comment because I already know how the book ends.

    "Rebecca and Sir Reginald Chestington III run away to some distant tribal island where they spend all day in love making and coconut gathering. The End."

    I was right on, wasn't I?