Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Splendor in the Grass

This movie is absurd. Don't bother watching it for any other reason than to leer at a young Warren Beatty (which is sort of worth it). I only barely remember the plot, but I do remember thinking, "this is stupid," pretty frequently throughout.

Last week James and I set a day aside to just wander
where the wind took us, and do some of our favorite things.
It rained all morning, and we got a late start,
and this is James waiting for me by the subway.
I photographed him from across the street--peep style:

We then went to one of my very favorite places for lunch,
Costco (don't you judge me).
Pictured is my favorite lunch: chicken bake (half),
.55 cent coke, and (not pictured) a churro ($1).

We also got a pineapple, orbit gum, cereal (cheerios),
and peanut butter (the double pack).

Then to another lazy day destination, Barnes and Noble,
where we buy nothing but a hot chocolate
and spend the day camped in the cafe near a window
reading magazines and poetry journals.

Then we headed home to meet aaron for star trek.
This is me waiting to get on the subway.
Not a fun time activity, but necessary nonetheless.

I'm making a list of some sort.
Probably, a list of people who don't understand
quantum mechanics as well as I do.
That's a pretty long list.
It could have also been a list of candy I don't care for,
which would be a very short list.


  1. The only thing I remember from Splendor in the Grass is Natalie Woods losing it like every 2 minutes.

    And I'm totally judging you. COSTO LUNCH EATER!!!

  2. Warren Beatty is so dreamy in this movie! More so than James Dean ever was. I'm a fan of Elia Kazan as a director but more so of his work with Marlon Brando of course. It is one of Natalie Woods better roles. The story is however, strange.

  3. I'm such a poetry nerd. Who writes while they wait? Apparently me.

    Do you think those chicken bakes may be laced with crack and that's why I keep returning?