Sunday, May 10, 2009

Star Trek

Actual Movie Review

This was awesome. It was kind of like Iron Man, in that I was all, "Oooookay, I'll watch it, I guess. I can always fall asleep if I don't like it", and then, BAM, I loved it instead.

James and I went to the midnight show in Brooklyn on Wednesday night with pal Aaron. The theatre was filled with nerds, and the movie was surprisingly easy to follow (no previous Star Trek knowledge necessary), so funny, and had a plot that was interesting enough to not be predictable, but not soooooo "interesting" that it was impossible to follow.

Here's the deal: for all the shtick surrounding Star Trek, this movie is genuinely good. See it.

p.s. Just so we're clear, I mean the new Star Trek movie...the one in theatres.


  1. That movie ruled! Huzzah! You get sucked into my nerdery even further every year.

  2. AND, both Dr. Spocks were way way way super hot. I loved this movie and was prepared to be unimpressed as well. In fact, I may go back for a double-viewing.

    Also, usual time-travel stuff in movies irritates me because it makes-a no sense. But this one? I dunno. Maybe it's just that Leonard Nimoy can do no wrong that I'm fine with it. I'm glad you also liked it.

  3. James: I agree. I agreed with you the night we saw it. Pipe down already.

    Darren: (head nod)

    Em: I kinda agree. Don't get me wrong, I like that Chris Pine guy as much as the next person, but Dr. Spock? He's just so contained, but all that passion is just BOILING under the surface. Irresistible.