Friday, June 26, 2009

The Dessert Truck Strikes Again

Good pal Mal was in town,
and on her last day we went to
The Grey Dog for sandwiches,
and then to the dessert truck.

The thing is, this bastardized taco truck has
some kind of tractor beam.
If you're in a ten block vicinity, you can't help but seek it out.
You're thinking to yourself,
I just ate a giant chicken salad sandwich on sourdough,
along with all the chips it came with and both pickles,
and I do not need a goat cheese cake
with rosemary honey and berries.

Then again...maybe I do.

And such is the pull of the dessert truck.

We are powerless to resist.


  1. I actually believe it's our moral obligation to eat dessert. You were just doing your duty.

  2. are you trying to lure me up there with dessert truck goodness? it's working.