Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Summer of the Dive

James and I have a journal that Andy and Shiloh made and gave to us just before we moved to New York. They were very specific about its usage. I remember Andy telling us that this was not a journal for feelings, it was a journal for restaurants.

James and I have been very dedicated in keeping this journal. When we go to a new restaurant, the name, location, and our feelings (sorry andy) about it are recorded.

The problem is, now that we found places we really like, we don't go to many new places.

James and I are poor-ish (who isn't?), so when we do go out, I want to make sure it's awesome, and I'm satisfied with the experience. Is there anything worse that going in to a restaurant all excited, and coming out disappointed? (there's a restaurant in the East Village called Pinto that I'll never completely forgive. Thai fusion my eye.) So, as a result, we keep going to places that we know we like, and are rarely disappointed. Not often super excited, but rarely disappointed.

My New Year's resolution was to expand my palate (how's what for a resolution? i mean, i want to loose weight and get organized, but, ugh, who's got the time?), and I love summer goals, so...James and I have decided that this summer is the summer of the Dive.

There are tons of places, in Brooklyn, Queens, I'm thinking even Sheepshead Bay, that are cheap, amazing, and totally hidden.

This is the summer we find them.

This will involved enlisting friends who've lived here longer than we have, that dude my galpal is seeing who's actually from deep in Brooklyn, and maybe even TimeOut New York magaizine.

Whatever it takes.

Well...wish us luck.


  1. I love it! And I can't wait to read your reviews; what a fun idea! I should come to New York and experience some dives with the two of you...

  2. Ugh, Kjersti, I would loooooooove it. Just stop over on your way back from Paris, or whatever.
    Call me when your plane lands.

  3. I am guilty of not only repeatedly going to the same restaurant, but ordering the same thing! It doesn't help that I have had experiences where I've attempted to branch out and get the chicken lettuce wraps instead of the yellow curry and been sorely disappointed! I do love the idea of a written food journal/restaurant log. I may adopt it.

  4. count me in too lady. you dive, i dive

  5. I think this is one of the most worthwhile goals I've ever heard of. And not a moment too soon. Let the good times begin.