Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Allen Tenbusschen Promised to Knit me a Mosquito Net

but, he's not sent it yet.
As a result, I got 4 more bites last night.
Just on my right leg.
I'll just add those 4 to the 200,000,000
mosquito bites I already have.

Knit faster, Allen. Knit like the wind.

**Update: I sprayed myself with insect repellent last night before bed. I didn't seem to work.


  1. I just today heard this mosquito repellent trick. Tuck a dryer sheet in your pocket, and it will keep the mosquitoes away. Worth a shot, if your pj's have pockets that is. If not you could sew together a dryer sheet blanket, which I'm sure would work just as well. Um, quick question, why do you have so mosquitoes around you while you are sleeping, do you sleep outside?

  2. No, I do not sleep outside. They get in. I don't know how. They're so crafty.