Friday, July 10, 2009

"July, July", or "On the Corner of Memory and Recollection"

For ever-so-long in college, James and I...
I don't know...
Comic Frenzy.
What exactly we did is harder to define.

What: Comic Frenzy Show
Where: BYU-I, M.C. Ballroom
When: A While Ago

(l-r) Trevor Hill, Christian Busath, Brady Moss, and Darren Zufelt.

I forgot how spiky James's hair used to be.
It's a lot softer looking now.

There's no way of knowing now,
but it does seem to you that, in the picture above,
Andy is gearing up to say something real smartass-y.

(l-r) Andy Donkin, Trevor Hill,
Jeff Blake (who I think was singing as this picture was taken),
Darren Zufelt, Brady Moss

(l-r) An audience.

Comic Frenzy was a total anomaly.
It probably shouldn't have worked.
It was completely student run, it got into trouble
(BYU-Idaho, Mormon-y kind of trouble)
all the time,
and it was the bane of many people's existence (I'm sure).
But it did work.
It worked really well.

Do you guys remember this?
Having this many people pay to see you "be funny"?
Amazing, really.
(and I think you know what I mean with the quotation marks)


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Too bad it's completely changed...they don't do games anymore. The patronage is definitely way down.

    I miss the old crew...

  3. good times and, you know, not as good of times. but still, good times.

  4. Celeste, yeah, I hear that. That is a shame. What do you mean they don't do games? What do they do?

    Annie, yeah, memory is funny that way; I think, for the most part, we've all forgotten the "not as good of times", and only remember it as completely idyllic.
    p.s. What are you doing up at 5:45 am?

  5. that one of Andy is a particular gem.

  6. I love those pictures. How did it work? I have no idea. Mostly because you grabbed the pieces and made it work, Val. And then when you left because we just tried to recreate, badly, what you started.