Friday, July 17, 2009

"July, July", or "and then a quiet night"

It was a hot day today.


I babysat, and the 7 year old I was with all day
saw the word human printed on a sign,
and then heard me call the day humid,
and she couldn't hear the difference,
and called the day human from then on out.

It was a park day, a sunburn day, a brief rain shower day.
A watered the garden at 7:00 am day.
A got lost in Fort Green and didn't mind too much kind of day.

A wore a 6 month old strapped to my sweating back all day
and thought of my sister in Arizona kind of day.

A two friends made me a quesadilla,
bought me a coke and fresh flowers kind of day.

A sweaty, worn out, happy day that felt, really felt, like summer.

And then I found this picture.
I kind of think it's magic.


  1. thanks for thinking of me. glad it finally feels like summer for you.

  2. i call the middle! can't wait to snuggle up next week.

  3. Shiloh, and I like you.

    Silvia, you're welcome, and me too.

    Annie, you got it.