Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"July, July" or "How the Dessert Truck Stole my Independence"

4th of July in the city:
Unique, communal, chaotic.

Susanna and I went running the park at 9:30 am,
and it was already packed with people setting up for
a party for the duration.
Tables, chafing dishes, tents...the whole operation.

We got there a little later, around 2.
But we sent James on his bike as the advance guard,
and he found us a shady spot.
The picture below is a pretty good summation of the picnic vibe-
-complete with Reggie.

Van played the watermelon drum for most of the afternoon.

Then, having grown bored when James insisted on taking his turn,
he got up to get his cigs out of the backpack
(luckily, Susanna found them that morning just after he packed them,
and wisely threw them out.
He's just a baby, he shouldn't be smoking).

The picture below is just before the fireworks started.
At this point I was being elbowed by half a dozen children who,
though they were standing quite close to each other,
insisted on yelling as though across a great chasm.

Trust me, there was no chasm.

Once the fireworks started, everyone, myself included, relaxed.
They were extra special this year,
in commemoration of Henry Hudson's epic
journey up the Hudson River.

As we, all 800,000,000,000 of us
(a loose estimation),
spilled out onto the streets of Chelsea,
I couldn't help but think what a singular experience
it is to be in this city.

Then we headed up to 47th and 9th for the Dessert Truck.

This is important as I think the Dessert Truck has stolen
my independence from the Dessert Truck.

Behold, a chocolate mousse with creamy peanut butter filling
and carmel popcorn.

(below) Alex's warm chocolate bread pudding (a perennial favorite)
with bacon custard-because,
Alex, how often do you get the chance?

A banner day:
a fireworks and insane crowds and barbecue kind of day.


  1. Why why must you keep posting pics of your dessert truck treats making me want to sell my house and immediately fly to NY and partake of that goodness, you are one lucky girl!

  2. What park were you in? I thought Chelsea was in the Village. I read somewhere that the dessert truck had to provide certain accommodations. Who is Reggie?

  3. Oh man. Let's go tonight. And run everyday so we can go every night.